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Juni 28, 2008

iFolder – why do they let us alone …

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… I contributed much time to the iFolder project and helped where possible. But since last December the commits in the public svn ceased. No more updates. The promised new wiki is not deployed and there’s no communication on the opensource/developers mailingslists.

Dear people in the iFolder departement @novell : „WHY DO YOU LET US ALONE??“

You always said „we have little resources“ and so on. Why in hell do you scare testers/coders/enthusiasts away ?!

The code of iFolder is GPL – at least the code in svn i know of. But atm is seems to be gone closed-source (ok, its your code) WITHOUT ANNOUNCEMENT.

I’m angry not because you’ve probably decided to go closed-source, but because you don’t TALK to people.


Oktober 24, 2007

After 3 month (!) – online again …

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I managed to update the repositories now, but some bughunting remains !

Juli 31, 2007

DSL broken

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My DSL is broken atm … no posts 😦

Juli 9, 2007

„mountain garden“ …

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Yesterday  I went to „Berggarten“. I really like some places in there …

Some really hidden benches, nice small trails and intensive smells of flowers, grass and water. I also saw a squirrel.

linCWT #2

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At least the GUI and some basic sound ouput is working atm … now all the callbacks need to be coded and the morse-magic needs also some work.

Juli 4, 2007


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When learning morse code for my ham-radio license, i loved the program CWT. It’s a really good morse trainer for dos.

I started to write a clone for Linux (and probably Win) using gtk/glade.

Let’s see how far i’ll get.

Juni 29, 2007

4 interesting videos – what’s your POV ?

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and the 3 follow-ups.

Quite clear, isn’t it ?

Juni 26, 2007

iFolder 3.6 – release soon ?

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The documentation in svn got updated – a good sign for all members of the iFolder community, as i think. Nearly all features are complete, most bugs are fixed and some still being fixed. The next rocking release will be out soon !

Yesterday, I send in my logfiles of a 30GB sync. The’ll be used to trace a bug in simias. The other issue is related to a bug in mono/xsp! -> So we have to wait for mono 1.2.5 !! :/

I’m curious about the overall sync-speed. For now, my values are too bad for comparison (related to the bug and the retransmission-rate).

Cu !

Juni 20, 2007

Kiwi rulez !

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The Kiwi project of opensuse is really rocking!

If you figured out, how it works, the possibilities are really funtastic:

Chroot-system, xen-images, vmware-filesystems, qemu-filesystems …

… this calls for a Live-CD for iFolder 😀

Juni 18, 2007

obs up and running!

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Around 10:00 AM the build service is running again. Good work guys!

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